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DIY—Classy Macramé Inspiration

If you were alive in the 60s or early 70s you probably had an encounter with macramé. Either a plant holder with wooden beads holding a spider plant decorated some corner of a family room, or you actually spent lots of time tying knots to create said plant holder for your apartment or your mom’s birthday present.  I fondly recall my shoe box full of my supplies—hemp rope and wooden beads.  Strangely, I see these plant holders may be making a come back, so don’t discount them!  My latest etsy search came up with 10 pages!

Macrame by Design’s creation. On Etsy.

If plant holders aren’t your thing, think about updating your idea of what materials can be used to macrame.  Recently, I’ve made some bracelets using sari silk ribbons, silk cord, raw hide leather, and silk chiffon ribbon.  I’ve used prayer beads, African glass trading beads, and pearls.

From left: Prayer Beads with Silk Cord, Freshwater Pearls with raw hide, African Glass Trading Beads with sari silk ribbons, ditto.

The Bead Chest in Santa Monica, CA is a great source for beads.  Etsy is, as usual, a great source to find lots of supplies.    I was inspired by designs from Buju–a Malibu, California based design team who creates some fabulous pearl and leather jewelry, but takes it beyond the simple knots.  Becky Thatcher, in northern Michigan, is doing similar styles.

To get started if you have never done macramé, watch a youtube video!  (so NOT 70s…) The particular video I have a link to also will show you how to do the sliding knot closure.  I won’t be using that technique in my post.  Both ways are good to know though!   Practice with some cord or twine you have laying around until you feel comfortable.  Or jump right in—it really is super easy.

Practice up, order your supplies, and sit tight.  My next post will be step by step instructions on how to create a bracelet that you can add your own twist by the choice of materials you use!

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  1. Jean Welker #

    Somehow I’m not ready to resurrect the plant holder of bygone days……I do love the bracelets though!

    July 8, 2012
    • Thanks Jean. I know, maybe home decor is like fashion, if you’ve done it once, you maybe shouldn’t go back and do it again!

      July 8, 2012

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