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Favorite Scent: Ambre Blends

Ever been on the search for a “signature scent,” one that is yours and yours alone?  Search no more and try Ambre Blends, a product made by hand with 100% pure ingredients.  Amber essence sourced from a 7th generation family company in India is the base ingredient in all 3 scents, Solace, Invoke and Ambre.

Via The Best Things in Beauty

I happen to wear Ambre, but after reading a really great blog post on the line on Best Things In Beauty I may branch out and try the others.  Maybe mix it up depending on the season!  Solace evidently has more vanilla notes and Invoke has a hint of floral.  Both are still based on the amber essence, so that background is still apparent.

Via Wikipedia. Amber is fossilized tree resin and when treated with heat produces an oil with a musky scent.

The line features not only the oils, but also soap, body wash, candles, lotion and lip balm.  Two of my favorite stores carry the products–8Fifteen in Indianapolis and Symmetry in Fort Wayne.  Here is a link to other locales around the country.

Via Ambre Blends

Part of the mystique of the product is that they smell slightly different on each person because they are dependent on your body chemistry.  So, there you go:  a true “signature scent!”

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  1. Leslie #

    Wait…AMBRE is MY signature scent. Fortunately, it does smell different on everyone:). I LOVE these oils…and the body wash rocks too. So glad they’re selling it at Symmetry now!

    July 16, 2012
    • Leslie,
      I need to try the body wash. Love that it is YOUR scent too! I’m glad Symmetry carries it too, although they sell through so quickly I always seem to miss out on the candles!

      July 16, 2012

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