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Meat is having a moment.  Living in the midwest, I am lucky to have nearby resources for delicious beef, chicken, eggs and duck.  Seven Sons Farms supplies their grass fed beef from Chicago to Indianapolis and is located just a stone’s throw away.  I can go into the local co-op and purchase or stop by their honor system store at the farm.

7 Sons Farms on farm store. Image via 7 Sons Farms.

Joseph DeCuis is the only restaurant in the United States raising their own Waygu beef–just 6 miles away from the restaurant!  The Emporium in Roanoke stocks their beef, free range eggs and also Gunthorp Farms chicken.  I can also get that delicious chicken that is making waves on menus of chic Chicago restaurants at the co-op and the Seven Sons Farm store.  How lucky am I?

Waygu beef cattle loving life. Photo via Joseph DeCuis.

But when I don’t feel like tracking down my own meat and cooking and when I find myself in some of my favorite cities, here is my list of totally meat-centric restaurants that I love:

Chicago–Girl & the Goat (don’t be afraid of a super early reservation.  Skip lunch!  Eat early.  Then have the rest of the night to digest!)   and Smoque.

LA–Animal.  ‘Nuff said.

Indiana–Joseph DeCuis.  Our area is so lucky to have the commitment of the Eshelmans.

Nashville–Prince’s Hot Chicken, Neely’s BBQ–I know they are on the Food Network and all that jazz, but it is for good reason.  So many “meat & 3” restaurants to choose from in Nashville, you really can’t go wrong.

No web site for Prince’s, but here is a phone #!

NYC–Craft.  So many to choose from in this city, but 3 words sum it up:  Deep. Fried. Bacon.  Trend setting.

I feel a protein attack coming on!

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  1. And my favorite…Goose the Market in Indianapolis. The best charcutiery around.

    July 23, 2012

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