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Time for More Etsy Finds: Wood and More Wood

My obsession with Etsy lives on.  Combine that with another current interest, faux bois, and I’ve developed quite a shopping list.

Here are my latest, most favorite finds in the “wood” themed category:

Ocean Swept:  I’ve been a little obsessed with drift wood and birch trees in my Etsy searches.  Ocean Swept offers a combo of products, from vintage chandeliers to drift wood shelves, that create an interesting visual palate.

Ocean Swept’s driftwood shelf

2.  Ball & Chain:  The wood theme lives in the medium of jewelry.  Check out the “plywood” and “oak” rings.

3.  urbanplusforest:  Another fun, wood-centric store.  I love the light and the shelf.  I’ve got my eye on a custom sized wall hanging as well.  The non-rustic feel of the items is amazing.

Wouldn’t this be great over a bed for a reading light?

4.  Recycled Brooklyn:  I love their use of wood/steel/and old sacks, like the burlap coffee bags featured in the bench below:

Would look great at the end of a boy’s bed or in an entry way area

So much on Etsy, so little time….

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  1. Love the driftwood – have some great pieces myself that I arrange (and re-arrange) almost year round in my bookshelves!

    August 27, 2012

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