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DIY iPhone Case

I’ve been unhappy with the choices of iPhone cases lately.  Why do I feel compelled to have my iPhone case be identified with me?  Maybe because I tend toward the visual and if something I see every day is visually “off” it truly bothers me.  After dropping a case I liked 10 too many times and having the bits and pieces break off until only half a case remained, I knew I needed to do some serious case shopping.

I found a great case last night by Dannijo.  But at $98, and with the distinct probability that I will break it, I couldn’t pull the trigger.  Still it rocks!


Image via

I have a friend who has an adorable case that is a picture of her even more adorable kids.  My kids probably wouldn’t want to be honored in such a way, but I was thinking how my daughter’s awesome photography would make a really cool iPhone case.

I used her photo of Paris Tree Tops and uploaded it to Shutterfly.  I ended up pretty quickly creating 3 different cases.  Shhhhh…these are going to be Christmas gifts!


Paris Tree Tops. © Madeline Wilson. All rights reserved.

I also used this picture of a Leland, Michigan sunset to create another one:


It’s graphic, it’s abstract, it’s nature.

My only problem will now be which one to keep for myself!

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