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Scavenging in Your Own Backyard

I had a free day last week.  Nothing doing at all.  Totally cleared calendar.  Talk about a luxury.

So, I headed out with two buddies to hit some local antique and near antique stores.  What a fun way to spend a pretty day!  We laughed; we helped each other find just the right thing we never knew we needed; we learned a little bit about housewares history—did we expect to find an escargot pan in a small town in Indiana? No sir-ee.

So much fun to meander in and out of little shops in a small town…

Some amazing finds from our day:

I would be remiss not to show a picture of the escargot pan.

The infamous escargot pan all cleaned up!

Antique Crystal Chandelier for $600.  These are the kinds of items that add so much character to a room.

The picture does not do this beauty justice

Some great baskets, suitcases, and blanket chests at super reasonable prices at Roberta’s in Pierceton, Indiana.

I love the look of stacked baskets or vintage suitcases for a bedside table

Christopher Guy End Table at Blue Pearl Antiques–$350–alas it is sold!  I should have leaped on it.  That’s the danger of not buying the piece when you see it.

Picture REALLY does not do this justice. My photo skills must have been sub par that day

Rusty Gate at US 30 Countryside Antiques–use for cottage headboard?

Love the patina

Indiana Antique Company in downtown Warsaw–cameras on tripods, above mentioned escargot pan, and the most awesome 1970s all in one stereo system–my son is all over it!  Break out the albums from the basement!

Basement steps at Indiana Antique Company

One tip I want to pass on that I learned on that day is the need in every broom closet for a little miracle in a bottle called “Restor-a-finish.”  I guess this stuff lifts/covers every water mark ever put onto a wood table.  It’s on my list!

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  1. Jean Welker #

    Love the escargot pan!

    September 2, 2012
  2. Leslie #

    I followed your advice and trekked those same antique trails…great finds!!! Thanks for being my online tour guide. I now have two end tables and several other goodies that I (maybe) definitely NEEDED, right?

    September 4, 2012

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