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GLOOMY Weather Has Us Looking for Beauty Indoors!–Introducing Guest Blogger Laurie Melstrom

My dear friend and neighbor, Laurie Melstrom, has agreed to contribute a guest blog or two (or hopefully 10 or more!) to the efforts here on this site. Laurie is multi talented:  a writer, gardener, equestrienne, mother, grandmother, loving wife, and trusted friend.    I know she will fly away from me and develop her own following, but until she does, here is her first awesomely written post.  It makes me want to cruise some art galleries…

Even the pup is gloomy….

Trouble is brewing over Lake Michigan . It is coming in the form of a pile of darkening thunder clouds on the horizon. Boats of all sizes are leaving white trails behind them in the churning water as they race to port before the storm collides with their day.

A good day to be indoors or exploring a gallery!

This means the shops on the Leelanau peninsula will be packed with vacationers determined to head for home with something more than a tan and campfire memories…  One of the more out of the way spots that I love to shop is an art gallery in the tiny village of Omena. Tamarack Gallery houses  a riot of creative treasures that excites the artistic heart. I always feel guilty about wanting almost everything I see when I go there. But this note is not about my personal avarice (well, maybe just a little.).

Tamarack Gallery, Omena, MI

My last trip in, I was intrigued with the jewelry designs of sculptor,  Cathryn Conn.

Love the strength exemplified by this bracelet

The first to catch my eye is the “stake” bracelet–very whimsical , but strong architecturally . I like its character and can imagine wearing it with my more feminine shirts and dresses…it would balance the feel. “Hey, I’m confident enough to wear ruffles, but there’s a stake and chain girl in here too! ” Ha!

The “stake” bracelet

Still, as much as I like that work, I am really attracted to this simple bracelet . It is a forged iron and 18 k gold bangle that’s sum is much more than its parts.

Laurie and her favorite pick!

Iron is a traditional symbol for strength and since I’ve raised four children and have been married for 28 years, it speaks to me.  By the way, did you know that iron’s elemental symbol and the symbol for men is the same?  Hmmm. I digress.  The bangle has weight and character . It might not capture the attention of others like the stake bracelet , but it can be worn with everything from jeans to jodhpurs . It has style and strength in a pure form.

2 choices–great for layering or wearing alone

Why didn’t I buy it?  Because my husband was standing next to me , that’s why. So on that note, dear Melani , I must sign off. I have a short drive to make and a bracelet to buy.
All my best to Pete and the children ; big bear hugs are for you!
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