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Photography Apps

I’m kind of on a technology jag on my blog lately.  Really though, when technology makes our lives more fun or easier somehow, I am a huge fan!  I personally love hearing about what others are using and liking.  Some word of mouth editing of the choices is always a good thing.

In fact, the first thing I did when I got my very first iPhone was ask my daughter for her recommendations for good photography apps.  Right off the bat she suggested Hipstamatic.

One of my favorite Hipstamatic photos ever. On the way to Sundance UT.

Another Hipstamatic shot. Same location. I just shook my iPhone and it mixed everything up! I have no idea how I did this!

I still love Hipstamatic, but I’m not fully versed in all of the filters, films, etc.  I just like to shake my phone and take multiple pics of the same thing and see what I get.  Kind of an experiment.

Instagram has its uses, but I must admit that I don’t need one more social site to manage.  Maybe I should explore its uses and report back.

My favorite, favorite is ShakeItPhoto.  This app acts like a Poloroid camera.  You even shake your phone to watch your picture “develop.”  The light quality it gives is very nice.  Almost always makes a photo look better.  Also, it saves two pictures—the original that you can manipulate in your iPhoto and the Poloroid version.  I like cropping the Poloroid version and ending up with just an equal white border all around.

Exterior of Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow. The same church where the band was arrested for hooliganism earlier this year.

360 Panorama is also fun.  Especially for landscapes or amazing buildings or just plain old big things.

Last but not least is Camera!  Or Camera Awesome.  So much sharing.  So  many features.  So little time.  I must explore some more of the amazing features of this app.  Really, you could spend all day.  I like the little pixie dust feature that let’s you “awesome-ize” photos with a tap of a finger. The running commentary is too funny.   Also, I love the sharing features.  Easy peasey.

Hall of Portraits–awesomized by Camera Awesome! Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), 25 km south-east of St. Petersburg, Russia

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