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Corktown, Detroit, Michigan

I don’t always follow Martha Stewart’s advice.  When I have, I usually get frustrated—the projects always take longer than billed, the food is not as yummy as predicted—I’m just “off” when it comes to Martha.

But this weekend, I found myself following almost every word of a travel article published in a recent Martha Stewart Living about the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit.  To be more specific, Meghan McEwen was the author and she was spot on with her advice.

“Our” block in Corktown. It didn’t take long to feel like a local.

Getting there was half the fun, as we stopped in Ann Arbor, Michigan at Zingerman’s Deli and Bake Shop.  The kale and prosciutto salad was inspired as was my BLT–made even more awesome with a slice of cheddar cheese.  Burnt sugar gelato for dessert was like eating the best part of a creme brulee.

On to Detroit and our stay in Corktown, a neighborhood established in the 1830s.  We spent the weekend in Meghan’s apartment known as Honor & Folly.  So fun to be part of the neighborhood–by the second morning the guys at Astro Coffee knew what kind of coffee my husband preferred and that I was a black tea kind of gal–but sometimes hot and sometimes iced.

The view from “my” spot on “my” couch at Honor & Folly

We shopped a bit–Hello Records where we scored some Motown and vintage rock vinyl and Rachel’s Place–a 3 story vintage clothing store.  The proprietors of both places were nice as could be.  While the men’s section of Rachel’s was small, it was mighty, so guys have something to do while we women folk scour the rest of the place.

Slows BBQ, owned by Meghan’s brother-in-law, was scrumptious.  Staying at Honor & Folly allowed us to get a reservation for our small party and we were very happy to waltz right in and start digging in to the gumbo, tempura catfish, brisket enchiladas, baby back ribs, St. Louis ribs, pulled pork, mac & cheese, cornbread, mashed sweet potatoes, and black beans.  A great menu of micro brews topped it all off!  It was all we could do to walk back up the stairs to our weekend pied-a-terre.

I’m completely obsessed with this coffee shop. I will miss it tomorrow morning when I get up!

We left plenty to do for our next trip in.  Sugar House bar was next door and looked intriguing and I’d like to check out the used and rare book store recommended in the article, John K. King Used & Rare Books.  Detroit has other areas to explore as well–Greektown, a great art museum, and many other restaurants (we did hit Roast, a Michael Symon place, downtown–very yummy too!).  And from the looks of the posters and signs around Corktown, there is also a thriving art scene.

So true….

We’ll be back Detroit!  It’s been too long…..

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  1. Jean Welker #

    Looks like fun!

    September 30, 2012

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