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Market Flowers

Orchids are my favorite flower.  So delicate, so easy to care for, so seemingly exotic, even though many of the species really aren’t.  Visiting several vegetable, fruit and flower markets in Thailand was a visual treat.  Orchids and lotus flowers abound.  A large bouquet of orchids could be had for about $1 USD.  Oh to have cut orchids in large bowls around my house!  I will settle for two or three stems in a plant!  I will let the flowers speak for themselves:


Pile of Orchids--$1 USD for a large bunch.

Pile of Orchids–$1 USD for a large bunch.


Take your pick! The choices are overwhelming and all beautiful.


More varieties of orchids. How to decide?


Fresh Lotus Flowers–I’d never seen these in such abundance.


The subtle flowers are inspiring. Remind me of watermelon tourmaline jewelry…


Lotus in their natural state.


Sampaguita Flower leis. The Sampaguita flower is a type of jasmine and has a wonderful scent.


Making Sampaguita Leis in the market. Bangkok, Thailand.

Thai Coffee



I’ve been out and about lately–when I found myself in LAX every weekend for four in a row, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!  Not what you might expect me to say, I know, but if I’m in an airport that means I am coming or going from an adventure and that makes me happy.



When I travel, I love to experience food.  Really, food is my souvenir.  A recipe I brought back from my trip is for Thai Coffee.  This really helps a person make it across time zones, believe me!

Thai Kah-Fe

1 double espresso

2 T sweetened condensed milk

Spoon the condensed milk into a glass of double espresso and allow the milk to settle at the bottom of the glass.  Serve hot with a coffee spoon and stir to combine the coffee and milk before drinking.

Also, completely delicious over ice!!!

This recipe is courtesy of “At the Table of Jim Thompson,” an amazing Thai cookbook.





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